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    Additional Reading (WH)

    1. The Epic of Gilgamesh  


    2. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave  


    3. The Apology  


    4. Animal Farm 

    5. Cash Chaos in India

    1. Print and Read the article “Cash Chaos in India” and answer the following questions. Bring the article to class tomorrow.
      1. What is the author’s point in writing this article?   (The author wants you to feel a certain way about the situation. How does the author want you to feel?)
      2. According to the author, what is the problem in India?
      3. In terms of “freedom” and “liberty,” do you think the Indian government’s policy will help achieve these things or prevent them? In essence, is this money policy good or bad for the people of India?
      4. What do you think about people who “hoard cash” or “hide cash away” in their homes? Should they be forced to put that cash in a bank account?
      5. Why do you think the government wants to know how much money you have?
    2. Article link: http://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-india-currency-20161115-story.html

    6.  Anthem